Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Original Fake KAWS MILO T-Shirt (Pre-Order)

Original Fake KAWS MILO T-Shirt (Pre-Order)

To celebrate OriginalFake’s 4th anniversary, BAPE has teamed up with OriginalFake to celebrate the latter’s birthday Milo-style. The celebratory collaborative t-shirt turns Baby Milo into a strange Dissected Companion hybrid, featuring a character that is half Baby Milo and half KAWS’ very exposed Dissected Companion. The t-shirt comes in six variations, alternating between the black-and-white Dissected Companion and the colored version, and each variation comes printed on either a black or a white t-shirt.

Price: RM550 (Nego)
Sizes: M, L, XL
Colors: 6 variable designs.

To order,
TEL: 016-9023488 (calls only)

手提:016-9023488 (请直接联络)

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